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Intervista a Medeski, Martin and Wood

Il jazz-funk trio Medeski Martin & Wood è insieme da 20 anni. Per celebrare questo momento della carriera, il gruppo - composto da John Medeski alle tastiere, Billy Martin alla batteria e Chris Wood al basso - ha presentato il progetto "20"  che prevede la pubblicazione ogni mese di due tracce inedite esclusivamente on-line. Nel mese di novembre e dicembre, saranno pubblicate le ultime sei tracce, che culminaneranno in un album di 20 tracce digitali che possono essere acquistate o singolarmente o a prezzo scontato come album.
Il celebre quotidiano Wall Street Journal ha recentemente pubblicato sul proprio blog una intervista ai tre musicisti.

Ecco un estratto dell'intervista:
1991: The Beginning When They Knew It Would Work
Billy Martin: Right away, the first notes. It felt so liberating. Right away, soon as we played and we wrote, the first tune, the first thing we improvised together was one of the first songs on our first record. It’s like we literally laid down a groove. Chris laid down a bass line, John started laying changes and melodies and it was done. It was instant. Almost effortless, all our personalities were so accepted right away. There was no friction at all.
John Medeski: It was really about the music. We weren’t trying to do anything more than make music together, and it literally was, we recorded it, we listened to it, and transcribed it and wrote a piece of music to it. It was the tune on our first record.
1995-1996: The Hawaii Years And “Shack Man”
Chris Wood: During the middle of the 90s, for like two months in the wintertime we would go to Hawaii.
BM: We bought an RV, a camper, and we gave up our apartments and we put them in storage, and we really didn’t have a place to stay but we had a friend in Hawaii who rented a little cabin for us.
JM: It was one of the most unbelievable experiences.
CW: We had this idea of making a record out there in a shack; that was like our biggest, earliest independent move.
BM: It was a turning point of taking control, because the record company [Gramavision] was pretty much controlling the first couple of records. They were pretty much saying, “You’re going to work with this producer or this engineer.” At this point we were like, “We’re going to do it in Hawaii and we’re going to bring our engineer and no one is going to be able to come out and judge what we’re doing.” That’s how “Shack Man” was born, which was the first record that was really recognized by “Rolling Stone” magazine. It was a real turning point.
1997: A Show For The Ages
JM: We had been on the road for a long time, and we played in Seattle opening up for Beck at Bumbershoot. I looked up and it was like 17,000 people there, and they were all really with us. That was a pretty amazing moment.
BM: Yeah, I remember that was a great moment. It was pretty intense; we were really digging in. You could also see the other bands on the side, cheering us on and checking us out. That felt really good.
2000: A Breaking Point And “The Dropper”
JM: Right before we made “The Dropper”, there started being this expectation of what we were supposed to be, this groovy, funk, jazz expectation. We were out a lot, playing a lot of gigs, playing a lot of tunes over and over, and it was great that we really worked the project and developed a lot of things but it was definitely an expectation.  I think when we made “The Dropper,” we went hardcore on the record but we were going to really stretch ourselves sonically, we were going to use our studio to the max.
BM: It was another thing where we took control because that was the first record we did it in our own studio. We made the studio.
CW: “The Dropper” was awesome because we were all excited about having our own studio, kind of being in our own little world, no one telling us what to do or anything and we were all like really involved in every second of it.
JM: We could’ve really done the opposite and made the obvious record, but we didn’t do it and that would be a reason why we stayed together....
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Ecco un video del trio, registrato lo scorso 11 settembre a Parigi, con ospite Steven Bernstein:

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