lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Marcus Roberts - Celebrating Christmas

Il pianista Marcus Roberts sta per pubblicare il suo nuovo album dal titolo Celebrating Christmas, una raccolta di 15 classici natalizi tra cui Jingle Bells, Silent Night e White Christmas.
Accompagnato da Rodney Jordan al basso e Jason Marsalis alla batteria, Roberts tesse queste celebri melodie con ritmi e tonalità di jazz tradizionale.

Nelle estese liner notes presenti lo stesso autore parla dei singoli pezzi che compongono l'album:

I have been considering doing another Christmas recording for a few years. I have been blessed in my career so far to be able to do so many things, and since Christmas is a time for reflection and sharing with others, I decided that this was the right time for this recording. I have chosen some of my favourite holiday melodies to share with you. These are all new arrangements and I think that those of you who are familiar with our trio’s unique style and sound will recognize it here. This is the first trio recording that we have done since Rodney Jordan joined the group in November of 2009. I think that you will see why I love playing with these guys. Jason Marsalis and Rodney Jordan sound like they have been making music together for years.
I chose to begin the recording with “Jingle Bells”, an old holiday favourite written in 1857 by James Pierpont as a Thanksgiving song for children (originally titled “The One Horse Open Sleigh”). Just before the Civil War, Pierpont moved to Savannah to become the organist in his brother’s church. That same organ is now housed at Florida State University (where Rodney Jordan and I teach). Our version of “Jingle Bells” begins with the bass and drums playing a rousing groove. The drums are featured prominently throughout and play an important role in propelling the piece forward. When you hear the drums return to the groove that started the song, we come together to play the melody to the end. It’s a fun song and it’s easy to see why it’s been so popular over the years.... 
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