mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

Intervista a Pat Metheny

Sul sito serbo Blic Online è stata pubblicata una bella intervista esclusiva a Pat Metheny, in occasione della sua presenza il prossimo 27 ottobre al Belgrade Jazz Festival in trio con Larry Grenadier e Bill Stewart.

You once said the last thing your parents wanted you to pursue in life was playing the guitar. Does that mean it was a hard choice for you at the time? Or did the guitar choose you?
- “The guitar is in my case just a translation vehicle. I have always been more interested in ideas than the guitar itself. I know there are people who are crazy about the instrument in itself and the way it fits in with the entire culture and all... but for me it is just a tool for dragging sounds out of my head and sending them out into the world.”
In what direction do you expect your career to move in the future? You have experimented so much in the past that one is left with a feeling there is nothing left for you to explore.
- “There are millions of things left to be done. Just keep track with what I do.”
Tell us something about Orchestrion, your incredible musical robot. How did you originally come to the idea to build it? It appears to me like a one-man-band from a science fiction movie.
- “I have had this idea since I was a kid. I lived really deep in the world of the revolution of musical instruments in the past 30 years. But I am under the impression the essence of the Orchestrion project was to marry very modern tendencies and pure acoustics, and that seemed like a very doable and interesting thing to do. Orchestrion is not here to take the place of something else, nor is its purpose to compete with any other invention – it is simply something new. It represents a new way of presenting contemporary music, especially if we are talking about solo acts.”
Have you ever thought about what have been your biggest professional mistakes and triumphs?
- “I don’t think in those categories at all. I am always happy when I have a chance to play. This is something I never take for granted and really feel privileged to have an opportunity to be surrounded by so many great musicians and that I have been able to pursue with my own exploration of music. So, all is fine,” said Pat Metheny. 

Leggi l'articolo integrale sul sito originale.

Ecco un video del trio Metheny/Grenadier/Stewart che presentano Unity Village a Umbria Jazz 1999.

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