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Intervista a Ari Hoenig

Sul sito del quotidiano Ottawa Citizen è stato pubblicato un bel articolo, con una intervista al sensazionale batterista newyorkese Ari Hoenig, per la cui musica è stato coniato il termine "punk bop"

Ecco un estratto dell'articolo:

While Hoenig adds that his unfettered, venturesome and even audacious music is influenced by not just punk but other kinds of music, the “punk” in “punk bop” signifies above all that his music is “very, very improvisational, and we can really go anywhere at any time.”
That’s not to say that Hoenig, who has also played in the groups of pianist Kenny Werner, guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and saxophonist Joshua Redman, is playing “free jazz,” with no written material as a point of departure. His group, which will include guitarist Gilad Hekselman, pianist Tigran Hamasyan and bassist Chris Tordini, plays originals and covers of jazz standards. However, they are constantly tossing spur-of-the-moment twists at each other, responding, and collectively getting inside the creative moment.
“It’s about everyone throwing ideas, whatever they feel, off the top of their heads, and then what we get is a different conversation every time we get together.”
Often, all kinds of rhythmic manoeuvres — shifting time signatures, displacements within musical phrases, effects that may make the music seem like it’s speeding up or slowing down — figure into the group’s music, with Hoenig as the prime mover.
Hoenig says he looks for “very, very strong time and rhythmic sense” in his collaborators. “That, in a way, is the language we use to communicate. It means they’re able to respond and understand what they’re saying very quickly.”
The drums are in fact the third instrument that Hoenig took up — but the first that he himself chose to play.
The son of classical musicians, Hoenig began playing the violin when he was three years old. “It wasn’t really a choice, it was just like what you do,” he says. He began playing piano a few years later, but eventually he put both of those instruments aside to play drums.
When he was 12, Hoenig began to play drums. Why drums? The answer might have something to do with rebelling. “My parents couldn’t tell me how to practise because they didn’t know anything about it. They told me how to practise the other things and it was kind of annoying,” he says.
Hoenig didn’t even like jazz at much at first, but it did grow on him. In his hometown of Philadelphia, he began playing with other teenagers who aspired to play jazz. Eventually, he studied jazz drumming at the University of North Texas and in 1994, he moved to New York, where he plays and teaches.
In addition to his high-profile engagements and musical associations, Hoenig also holds down a regular Monday night gig at Smalls, the tiny Greenwich Village jazz club that’s been an incubator of many great talents since it opened in 1993....
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A questo link è possibile ascoltare integralmente il concerto del quartetto di Ari Hoenig (Ari Hoenig - batteria, Gilad Hekselman - chitarra, Matt Penman - basso, Shai Maestro - piano), registrato allo Smalls Jazz Club lo scorso 15 agosto 2011.

Ecco un video del Ari Hoenig Quartet (con la stessa formazione di sopra tranne che per Orlando Le Fleming - basso) che presenta Ephemeral Eyes, registrato dal vivo sempre nel locale newyorkese Smalls.

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