martedì 6 dicembre 2011

The Dave Brubeck Quartet, live in Belgio e Germania

Questi due fantastici video riprendeno degli estratti di due concerti europei del leggendario quartetto di Dave Brubeck, con Paul Desmond (alto sax), Joe Morello (batteria) ed Eugene Wright (basso) al picco della loro forza e popolarità.
I due video, da cui è stato tratto un Dvd della serie Jazz Icons di qualità audio/video eccezionale contengono alcuni tra i pezzi più celebri di questa mitica formazione tra cui St. Louis Blues, In Your Own Sweet Way, Take The ‘A’ Train e due versioni del leggendario Take Five.

Dal Dvd si prendono queste liner-notes del figlio di Brubeck, Darius:
"My father says this is the best footage of the classic Dave Brubeck Quartet he has ever seen. Certainly it shows the Quartet as I remember it, remarkable for its consistency and group cohesion, yet just as remarkable for the unpredictable moments that made each performance of often-repeated material dramatically different. The DVD consists of two parts, recorded in Belgium (1964) and Germany (1966).
The selections give both concerts a sense of reprising the group’s history. “I’m in a Dancing Mood” was carried over from one of Dave’s early quartets and “Forty Days” is the break-out number from The Light In The Wilderness, an oratorio Dave was still working on when he disbanded this famous Quartet in 1967. “In Your Own Sweet Way” comes from the period when the DBQ (not yet this quartet) was receiving attention on the U.S. club circuit and at the first Newport festival as a modern jazz combo with a noticeably articulate, clean-living, intellectual-looking pianist-leader. The iconic portrait of Dave with horn-rim glasses was featured on the cover of Time in 1954. (Duke Ellington knocked on the door of Dave’s hotel room to show it to him and Dave was initially more embarrassed than pleased. “It should have been you,” was all he could say.) “Koto Song”, written on tour in Japan in May 1964, is from the international era that began in 1958, the year Eugene Wright, the newest member, joined the band for a U.S. State Department tour. (It was on this tour that Dave made notes on rhythms he heard in Turkey, Afghanistan and India.) To this day, it is a rare Dave Brubeck concert that doesn’t end with “Take Five”. This DVD has two versions and the Brussels set features a 5/4 solo by Joe Morello, perhaps the first jazz drummer ever to do anything like this.
Taken as a whole, the DVD is historically valuable because it shows the Quartet at the peak of its global popularity and in top form. And yet, these are simply two sets that happened to be recorded in an itinerary that included 100 concerts a year, the odd club gig, TV show, award event and a mandatory three albums. The DBQ kept this up from 1958 to 1967.

Ecco il video dell'estratto del concerto in Belgio:


Ed ecco il video dell'estratto del concerto in Germania:


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