giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Stan Getz Quartet

Ecco lo straordinario video di un fantastica session del quartetto di Stan Getz, ripresa dalla trasmissione televisiva della BBCJazz Goes To College del 1967, con una grande formazione di all-stars composta, oltre che dal sassofonista, dal vibrafonista Gary Burton, dal bassista Steve Swallow e dal batterista Roy Haynes.
A mio parere questo video è assolutamente imperdibile, sia per la fantastica qualità audio/video, ma soprattutto per la qualità della musica con un Getz in forma smagliante.
In una intervista concessa al sito JazzOnline, Gary Burton ha detto a proposito di questa session:
"The two things I noticed immediately were how daring and adventurous my playing was, harmonically speaking, for that time period.  More than I would probably be today.  And, I got a laugh out of watching Stan and Steve Swallow smoking cigarettes on stage behind me while I played a solo piece.  Can’t imagine such a thing happening today, and yet it was normal behavior back then.  
One other thought. Only on rare occasion does a musician end up in a group that has a strong group chemistry, where everything just clicks and becomes bigger than the sum of its part, as they say.  That group with Stan, Swallow and Roy Haynes and myself was the first for me.  The first band where the interaction was just off the charts.  After three years with Stan, it was a struggle to leave the band to start my own group.  I worried I was walking away from the opportunity of a lifetime.  But, it turned out to be the right move after all, and in time I had a few groups of my own that really connected creatively." 

Ecco il video:

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