giovedì 8 settembre 2011

Geri Allen Trio: Live At The Village Vanguard

Il trio della pianista Geri Allen, con Kenny Davis al basso e Jeff "Tain" Watts alla batteria, ha suonato questa notte nel celebre locale newyorkese Village Vanguard.
L'emittente radiofonica Wbgo e la Npr, hanno trasmesso in diretta il concerto, all'interno della serie Live at the Village Vanguard, che è possibile ascoltare in streaming a questo link
Si legge sul sito della Npr:
"For some, jazz is a form of music defined by innovation. It's a language of hybrid invention, about a relentless quest for a new style, a new movement, a new expression. Alternately, there's a powerful argument for jazz as a tradition: a language of core values, worthy of a lifetime of respectful study, representative of a century of African-American cultural achievement. As the prevailing aesthetic outlook has it, both are equally valid; jazz is tradition and innovation, at once.
Over the last 30 years, it's hard to think of anyone who embodies this duality better than composer and pianist Geri Allen. As often as she's been lionized for the freshness of her playing, she's also been admired for the respect she's shown for its living history. Allen is known for her immense musical vocabulary.

Ecco il video del concerto:

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