lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Branford Marsalis: The Problem With Jazz

Il sito della rivista Seattle Weekly ha pubblicato una bel articolo di Branford Marsalis, edito da una lunga intervista del sassofonista che ha appena pubblicato l'album Songs of Mirth and Melancholy in collaborazione con il pianista Joey Calderazzo.
"You put on old records and they always sound better. Why are they better? I started listening to a lot of classical music, and that really solidified the idea that the most important and the strongest element of music is the melodic content.

In jazz we spend a lot of time talking about harmony. Harmonic music tends to be very insular. It tends to be [like] you're in the private club with a secret handshake.

I have a lot of normal friends. 'Cause it's important. [When] you have a bunch of musicians talking about music and they talk about what's good and what's not good, they don't consider the larger context of it.

You read a review of something and some guy in New York says "This is the most important music since such and such." And then when you look at it in a larger context, you say, "Well, can we really use the word 'important' for something that the majority of the people have never heard?"

As I've started to extend and get back into the outside world—which really started when I was on the Tonight Show—you realize, "Man, nobody knows who the fuck were are." And the idea was not to do things to make them know, but the question is within the context of the music I've chosen to play . . . what are the things that normal people like about music and can we incorporate those things?

When lay people listen to records, there're certain things they're going to get to. First of all, how it sounds to them. If the value of the song is based on intense analysis of music, you're doomed. Because people that buy records don't know shit about music. When they put on Kind of Blue and say they like it, I always ask people: What did you like about it? They describe it in physical terms, in visceral terms, but never in musical terms...."

A questo link si può leggere l'articolo integrale.

Ecco un video di Marsalis, tratto da Umbria Jazz 2011, che si presenta in duo con Calderazzo ed in quartetto

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