giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Baby’s Got Bass

Sul blog del NyTimes c'è una bella intervista alla stupenda bassista Esperanza Spalding, presa in seguito al clamoroso sold-out del suo concerto al prestigioso Montreal International Jazz Festival, che ha aperto la sua tournè estiva lo scorso 17 agosto con il suo nuovo progetto Chamber Music Society che le ha permesso di vincere il Premio Grammy come migliore nuova artista.
L'articolo è degno di una lettura anche perchè corredato da alcune magnifiche foto della bellissima Spalding.

"NOT THAT SHE’S QUIET, REALLY, especially when you get her revved up — on the what-is-jazz-anyway issue. “Nobody has the guts to say it to my face, but some people in the jazz community don’t think I am doing real jazz,” Spalding said, a little perturbed. This comes from the old anti-jazz prejudice: if it is popular, it can’t be jazz — a reason they recategorized Norah Jones from jazz to pop when she got popular. But Spalding is jazz, all right. In terms of genetics, her bass playing, classically articulated, is a lot like her voice: light but strong, not afraid of melody or happiness. Nor is she averse to pure scat — scat being that ancient (20th century) form of wordless vocal improvisation that the young people who watched her beat out Justin Bieber for 2010’s best new artist might have mistaken for a new kind of tweet.

Notice, by the way, that Esperanza Spalding doesn’t do a lot of tweeting. She is lo-fi and low-key, the kind of person who relaxes by doing some laundry and cleaning at home, one place in the West Village, one in Austin, Tex.

Notice too that she did not come out of nowhere; she has been working in the trenches for her entire adult life. She grew up in a tough neighborhood in Portland, Ore., in the ’90s, when Portland was having a rough time. She was partly home-schooled but also spent time at Northwest Academy, a prestigious private school. “The point being that our life was determined by the circumstances,” she said. “We pressed through a lot of things, good things and bad things, and that’s O.K.”

A questo indirizzo si può leggere l'articolo integrale.

Ecco il video di presentazione del progetto Chamber Music Society:

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