martedì 30 agosto 2011

Ron Carter: Il potere della positività

Sulla sito di JazzTimes è presente un bell'articolo/intervista di Ron Carter, raggiunto dal giornalista Russ Davis nella sua casa newyorkese.
"I asked about the magical nature of how being a part of possibly the most famous band in all of jazz history must have felt at the time. I’m talking about the great Miles Davis Quintet featuring Miles, Ron, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Wayne Shorter. As I recalled the creation of masterworks like Seven Steps to Heaven, E.S.P., Miles Smiles and all those great live recordings I was getting chills but Ron was having none of it! He remembered Miles as a chemist who simply put people in place to do what they did and that it was fun and fulfilling but he couldn’t recall those days too much because that was then, this is now and he was getting a little embarrassed by all the accolades I was offering up. “Mr. Humility” once again kindly allowed me to delve into a moment in jazz history that has interested many a jazz fan, and that he was a major part of, and I appreciated it."
Per leggere l'articolo integrale si può visitare il sito di JazzTimes 

Ecco il video integrale del concerto del trio di Ron Carter registrato lo scorso 3 giugno al festival Jazz sous Les Pommiers, accompagnato dal pianista Mulgrew Miller e dal chitarrista Bobby Broom.

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